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Statera has had one goal from the beginning: “Cryptocurrency in every portfolio”. Statera provides a first of its kind asset that provides an unique exposure for any user: an immutable, global, and decentralized deflationary asset. On top of this Statera threads through multiple liquidity pools and a Balancer pool allowing users to easily and instantly diversify into digital assets. This also created a first of its kind: deflationary index fund.

Bitcoin has thrived over the last year as people have flocked to it as a store of value and diversification. It is an immutable digital asset, the first of its kind to reach scale. Its supply is inflationary and then will have a set supply. Statera shares all the traits of Bitcoin and on many of these traits it is even better than Bitcoin: more easily and cheaply transferable, more immutable, more decentralized, and more upgradable (as it runs on the Ethereum chain which is constantly upgrading opposed to Bitcoin’s stationary development timeline). Statera is also deflationary which has positive benefits for users and economies (read more in the whitepaper under: “A Deflationary Currency” or read this article and linked research.) …

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Statera’s (STA) name is derived from the Latin word for balance.

This publication serves as a guide for common questions asked about Statera and its ecosystem. As we develop and expand, so will this document, so please check in from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Statera?

Statera (STA) is a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT), which synergizes with a trustless and community-driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies. Currently, the portfolio includes: (WBTC), (WETH), (LINK) (SNX) & (STA).

What benefits does deflation bring?

The deflationary mechanism of Statera (STA) benefits the index fund that it lives in by decreasing volatility and increasing positive price pressure. The deflationary mechanism also benefits the ecosystem it works in, by increasing volume (trades), which increases chances for rebalances/swaps, thereby producing tighter spreads and increased access to arbitrage. …

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In order for any project to achieve quick growth and development, it needs a healthy treasury. Statera has survived off donations from the community however we would like to start giving donors something in return.
It’s with this in mind we are launching a fund raising campaign.


This fundraiser will see 10 different artworks brought into circulation. It is also a means of introducing our NFT campaign.

These artworks tell the story of Statera, from its arrival to it’s fierce battle against “the fud”. …

The key to any project is the team. At the beginning Statera made a bet on the community. It did not have a developer holding 50% of supply or a team working on salary. It was fully decentralized from the beginning. Statera is meant to be a digital asset, for this to happen it needs to not be centralized. The goal is to be a deflationary Bitcoin. However, was this the right choice? How strong is a community centered team?

Looking over the past three months at all our community has achieved, we can unequivocally say that there is no team that is stronger at under $20 million in market cap. When looking at the many small cap projects it is clear our team is one of, if not the, strongest team in digital assets and DeFi. This is a product of our structure, the power of the many will always outweigh the power of a few. …

Statera project has one aim, become the leading (if not only) global, deflationary, and immutable digital asset. To do this we are:

  1. Highly decentralized, with over 4,000 holders and no single wallet (including the developer wallet) holding more than 4% of supply.
  2. Predictable, set, and immutable deflation. This creates what is known as “sound monetary policy” our stable 1% deflation allows for Statera to be used as a global currency and exchange of value. It also makes it friendly to large centralized exchanges and for use by large financial institutions and single individuals alike.
  3. A proven track record of performance: marketing, partnerships, innovation, community support, and growth have all been at the core of our development. …


To all our community members, supporters and investors out there, we are pleased to bring you a detailed report on the performance of our ecosystem before and after the exploit.
A financial report of STA, DELTA and PHOENIX performance from June-August.
Please download complete report overview here



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Statera envisions a world with cryptocurrency in every portfolio. When we say “every,” we mean from the simplest and most traditional investor all the way to the most active swing trader. This is one part of our ecosystem that is so powerful, there are entry points for all types of investors. Our current ecosystem is especially effective at growing your Ethereum holdings and we wanted to put forward some easy, and not so easy, ways to get yourself some extra Ethereum before the next bull run.

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Innovation is never easy and being an innovator is often a daunting task. You are constantly embattled and questioned. But innovating, changing, and growing are essential to progress in technology; indeed these acts are essential in all rewarding endeavors. Some abandon hope and give up at the first sign of adversity, we will not. We are on the edge of innovation. We created a brand new asset class, the “Deflationary Index Fund”. This new asset was created through an immutable and community driven smart contract living within a cryptocurrency index fund. …

This article is written to walk you through how to invest in the new Statera Ecosystem. Statera is focused on bringing Deflationary Index Funds to Defi. The deflation decreases volatility and increases positive price pressures. It also increases fees paid to our users, so far netting around 15–20% per month for our holders.We believe these benefits will bring cryptocurrency to every portfolio on earth. We will focus on three options to invest in our ecosystem:


STA Token- Trade this to benefit from the price action of our whole ecosystem: Trade Here


Note: these instructions are for MetaMask users

STA Delta Token- An ERC 20 standard token which is 50/50 STA/ETH, this will earn you fees, will be trade-able, and can be used to add to Phoenix Fund. …

We are pleased to finally be able to share with you some news which many here have been inquiring about and a great many more have anticipated. The audit is complete! The report is now up on Github and is available for all to view.

We the team would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person in our community for their patience and their steadfast support in this, the launch phase of our truly unique project. …



STA: a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token which synergizes with a trustless & community driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.

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