The Most Decentralized Project in DeFi Returning Over 150% APY Passive Income

3 min readSep 11, 2020


Statera project has one aim, become the leading (if not only) global, deflationary, and immutable digital asset. To do this we are:

  1. Highly decentralized, with over 4,000 holders and no single wallet (including the developer wallet) holding more than 4% of supply.
  2. Predictable, set, and immutable deflation. This creates what is known as “sound monetary policy” our stable 1% deflation allows for Statera to be used as a global currency and exchange of value. It also makes it friendly to large centralized exchanges and for use by large financial institutions and single individuals alike.
  3. A proven track record of performance: marketing, partnerships, innovation, community support, and growth have all been at the core of our development.
  4. Self perpetuating ecosystem. If our entire core team vanished STA would continue on, working as designed, into perpetuity. Our smart contract is locked, fully released, and third party audited.
  5. Undeniable legitimacy: Statera made it through an exploitation of an exchange it was on. Statera stayed the course and created a safe and secure work around, which is now possibly more effective than the old model. The team even facilitated (in tandem with Balancer Labs) a $1,500,000 refund to those affected by the exploit.This type of professionalism, community support, and effectiveness is unheard of in small cap digital assets.
  6. Proven utility and value proposition in DeFi (see our report)
  7. Community driven ecosystem. All of the above creates a community driven project which is ideal for growth and sustainability.

With all of the above it is our aim to become the Deflationary Bitcoin. We believe we are on track for that goal.

However, aspirations are nothing without results. What are our results? Let’s take a look. In our last financial report our range for DELTA returns was 900%-400,000%. Part of this was the fact that STA started that month at less than one penny, there was no ICO for STA, it was released on the market all at once and as such started at a very low value. Now that we have a more stable price point we can predict more accurately what future APY could look like. With more accurate and long term data we found an average APY on Delta (Uniswap Liquidity Pool) of 174% with a range of 20%-1047%. The average APY on Alpha (Balancer Pool) was 86%, 16%-819%. Although Delta had stronger APY Alpha was less volatile. This has always been our goal: having Alpha be the most diversified and lowest volatility. The wide ranges are a result of not having a full year of data and the wide range of volume and liquidity. As we get longer term data we will continue to update our financial data. Read the full report here.

With an average APY of 16% on the very low end and over 800% on the very high end our products clearly outdo all traditional financial products and many DeFi products. We continue to have an ecosystem that is one of the strongest and most consistent in DeFi. We look forward to our continued success and growth!



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STA: a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token which synergizes with a trustless & community driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.