The Strongest Team in Small Cap Digital Assets

4 min readSep 11, 2020


The key to any project is the team. At the beginning Statera made a bet on the community. It did not have a developer holding 50% of supply or a team working on salary. It was fully decentralized from the beginning. Statera is meant to be a digital asset, for this to happen it needs to not be centralized. The goal is to be a deflationary Bitcoin. However, was this the right choice? How strong is a community centered team?

Looking over the past three months at all our community has achieved, we can unequivocally say that there is no team that is stronger at under $20 million in market cap. When looking at the many small cap projects it is clear our team is one of, if not the, strongest team in digital assets and DeFi. This is a product of our structure, the power of the many will always outweigh the power of a few. This is just the beginning.

There are two main keys to becoming a decentralized asset: time, consistency, value proposition, utility, and network effect. Statera has shown utility and value by providing hyperdrive passive income in liquidity pools. We have also shown consistency over a long amount of time, all of the below was successively completed over three months of focused work. We show no sign of slowing down. With all of this we are building out a large community (over 4,000 holders and over 3,000 in our TG channel) that will continue to grow and spread our ecosystem.

Some of what we accomplished seems simple or a foregone conclusion now, however we were on the cutting edge and many of these required us collaborating with platforms for weeks to make them happen. Others who follow our lead now have an easier path to them because of our innovation.

  • Launched a fully functioning and finished product: STA, Uniswap LP, and Balancer LP.
  • Put all code on GitHub for the public to view
  • Launched all socials: YouTube, Telegram, Discord, Medium, Publish0x, Instagram, Subreddit
  • Our Twitter account has been followed by: Vite Labs, Jason Luo (Co-Founder at BitForex), Matthew Graham (CEO at Sino Global Capital), Jeff Kirdeikis (CEO at TrustSwap), Eleanye Eke (CEO at Risevest), Ivan on Tech, Publish0x, Lark Davis, and more!
  • Crossed multiple milestones one after the other reaching all time highs successively and consistently: 4,000 holders, over 3 million in volume, market cap of $30,000,000, over 3,000 members on one single social platform, over 1.5 million in liquidity, and more.
  • Launched multiple bots for price tracking, tipping, and more.
  • Listing to CoinGecko, Coinbase price tracker, and CoinMarketCap, including accurate ranking and market cap data
  • Consistently leading the way as a deflationary token on multiple DeFi Platforms: Uniswap, 1inch, Mooniswap,, Uniswap Vision, and more. We were launched day one on Mooniswap along with a whitelisting of our token.
  • Ran multiple community giveaways and competitions
  • Launched on over 10 decentralized and centralized exchanges, including a top 25 exchange, many listed us for free out of interest in our project
  • Successfully completed a Hacken audit of our code
  • Production of YouTube videos to explain the ecosystem and using the ecosystem
  • One of the first, if not first, projects to put a price on liquidity pool tokens and make them tradable
  • The first project, that we know of, to list our liquidity pool token to a CEX
  • Published two financial overviews to professionally communicate the ecosystem and value proposition
  • Completed and released a 30 page Whitepaper laying out a long term and large vision for our future
  • Continued to innovate the core of our systems, persevering through exploits and many tribulations
  • Coordinated a $1.5 million refund to our users for an exchange exploit
  • Completed multiple AMAs with different Telegram and investing groups
  • Coordinated multiple marketing campaigns: Publish0x article competition, The Crypto App, CoinMarketCap tweets, Uniswap.roi advertising, DeCrypt Daily Podcast, and more to come…
  • Coordinated multiple YouTube sponsorships: BitBoy, Chico Crypto, multiple smaller YouTubers in multiple languages.
  • Have been mentioned multiple times in positive words without payment by: Ivan on Tech, Chico Crypto, Ivan on Tech, and some twitter accounts with thousands of followers like Chainlinkjunkie.
  • A completely community driven project: we have run on mostly donations in an innovative community driven process of producing results and the community supporting those results. If we keep producing the community keeps supporting, rather than an ICO where money is taken up front and then the incentive to perform is reduced.
  • This community driven focus also means a lot of the things on this list were actually done by community members, which is incredibly positive for the long term health of the project, we don’t need one person or a small group of people to sustain us we all work together towards growth
  • Featured internationally in articles and Youtube videos including: French, Russian, and Arabic.
  • Developed a TipRoom on Telegram to reward community members for spreading the word about Statera
  • Have spawned numerous (over ten off the top of our heads) copycats and scams, a mass majority of which have failed

We are the best team in small cap digital assets because our team is everyone, all of us. This is just the beginning. What will Statera do in the future? That is up to you, and our whole community.



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STA: a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token which synergizes with a trustless & community driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.