$wSTA: The Next Era

6 min readDec 27, 2020

Statera has had one goal from the beginning: “Cryptocurrency in every portfolio”. Statera provides a first of its kind asset that provides an unique exposure for any user: an immutable, global, and decentralized deflationary asset. On top of this Statera threads through multiple liquidity pools and a Balancer pool allowing users to easily and instantly diversify into digital assets. This also created a first of its kind: deflationary index fund.

Bitcoin has thrived over the last year as people have flocked to it as a store of value and diversification. It is an immutable digital asset, the first of its kind to reach scale. Its supply is inflationary and then will have a set supply. Statera shares all the traits of Bitcoin and on many of these traits it is even better than Bitcoin: more easily and cheaply transferable, more immutable, more decentralized, and more upgradable (as it runs on the Ethereum chain which is constantly upgrading opposed to Bitcoin’s stationary development timeline). Statera is also deflationary which has positive benefits for users and economies (read more in the whitepaper under: “A Deflationary Currency” or read this article and linked research.)

Bitcoin’s simplicity is where it thrived, simply put, it is an immutable ledger of a digital asset. Statera’s simplicity is just as elegant: it is an immutable ledger of a deflationary digital asset, which deflates at 1% of every transaction. That is it. There is no gimmick, no trading games, no sending of tokens to certain addresses, no punishing certain transactions, it is a simple and straightforward asset. The aim is for it to become a global and accepted deflationary store of value and it needs this simplicity in order to achieve that. Statera is still the leading deflationary asset in terms of longevity, proven track record, design, and innovation. However, this fame is mostly within the more niche cryptocurrency spaces, for true spread Statera must take hold with a broader swath of users.

Statera must prove itself on three accounts to become a global store of value: utility, network effect, and trust. Trust is baked into the structure: Statera’s smart contract is locked forever and audited, itss supply is highly distributed and no one controls more than 3% of supply. Today we are announcing two large leaps forward in growing utility and network effect:

  1. Wrapped STA
  2. The Dashboard.


We have been unable to pool directly on certain aggregators such as Balancer, 1inch etc., as a result of the deflationary nature of $STA. This caused us a major setback to our ecosystem.

However, we are pleased to announce that this will no longer be an issue, all thanks to the deployment of the Wrapped Statera contract WSTA. This new token will be continuously tradeable for 1 STA, 1 STA will always equal 1 wSTA. When you convert your STA to wSTA that wSTA does not deflate with each transaction. However every creation or destruction of a wSTA, or the trading of STA for wSTA will create deflation.

This is similar to the Delta token (Delta allowed STA to safely be placed in any ecosystem) but it has the benefit of being 100% STA rather than 50/50 STA/ETH.


  1. Composability- through wrapping STA it can be used in any system anywhere without any upgrades. Traditional STA has the 1% deflation which must be planned for in the code of protocols, for many systems this if fine (Uniswap, 1inch, etc.), for other systems it is not fine (some centralized exchanges, some lending platforms, Balancer, and others). With wSTA, STA can be placed into any ecosystem neatly and securely. This will allow STA to spread wider (increasing network effect) and to be used in more systems (increasing utility).
  2. Arbitrage- wSTA will constantly be balanced with STA to keep their two prices equal. This will be done by the open market (traders and arbitrage bots). Whenever the prices are unequal STA will be wrapped, unwrapped, sold, or bought by someone looking for profit. This will make STA more usable to active traders and bot creators, creating more utility for those that push markets towards efficiency. It will also lead to the third benefit: increased volumes and transactions leading to increased burns.
  3. More Burn- With the wrapping, unwrapping, and trading of STA for wSTA each transaction will have a 1% burn or deflation to it. This will increase the reduction in total Statera supply, this reduction in supply will increase positive price pressure and create an asset that becomes more sound over time.
  4. A new way to hold STA- If you want to hold 100% STA it can be advantageous to hold your STA as 50/50 wSTA/STA in the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. While effectively holding 100% STA you can still benefit from fees paid to liquidity providers, you will also suffer minimal if any impermanent loss as wSTA and STA should stay nearly identical in price.

With all of these benefits STA seeks to increase both Utility and Network Effect and move towards being a global and immutable deflationary asset. This change also means that STA can be introduced to any protocol or ecosystem even if it is not coded for deflation. Yet, the creation and balancing of wSTA to put into these new systems and protocols will create deflation and hold true to the founding vision of STA as a deflationary asset. This opens up a whole new world of possible use cases for STA.


If we seek to put cryptocurrency in every portfolio then we must make the process of accessing digital assets as simple as possible. In pursuit of this goal we have created a new interface for accessing the Statera ecosystem: the Statera Dashboard. This Dashboard will have three key features:

  1. Tracking of pools’ performance in terms of Average Percentage Yield.
  2. Access to buying and adding to all parts of the Statera Ecosystem.
  3. Tracking of your holdings across the entire Statera Ecosystem.

Through this one simple application any user can quickly and easily access and track all of their Statera holdings. We hope this will bring more users on board and make their experience better. This will push us towards making Statera accessible to everyone. This will increase the utility of Statera: making it simpler and quicker to use all the different parts of the ecosystem. It can also increase the network effect by making the ecosystem accessible to a more novice and broader audience.


With these upgrades Statera moves one step closer to becoming the world’s first immutable, decentralized, and global deflationary asset. There are other types of assets: Bitcoin being inflationary and Ampleforth being elastic in supply. Statera takes up the third spot of being a deflationary asset. Statera has had many copycats in the past 6 months but none of them have come close to the vision, product design, and community that Statera has. Statera is here to last for as long as digital assets last. It is simple in its design and immeasurable in its value proposition.

We are still early in the journey and the future continues to look brighter.


We are pleased to announce to you that our OG pool (A.K.A STANOS) is back! The Previous Index Pool combo on balancer has been returned, all thanks to wSTA.



In addition to the Rebirth of STANOS, we are also pleased to announce to you that we have deployed additional Investment pools which you can select according to your Investments Risk Level.






With a solid support of our community members, the team, Community Marketing team and members of the STA-GAZERS are already on a massive marketing campaign. Stay Tuned!

Here we are, at the end of what can only be described as a wild year. Not only for Statera, but for all of defi. There have been crazy highs, and worrisome lows, yet here we find ourselves still united as a community. Scott, and the Statera team would like to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown Statera since launch. Since May, we’ve had just about everything you could imagine thrown at us. However each time the dust settled, Statera could be found standing tall. Resiliant. Stronger. A DEFIant giant.

Again — thank you for all of your support. Let’s make 2021 even bigger and better!


Website: https://stateratoken.com

Dashboard: https://dashboard.stateratoken.com/

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa7de087329bfcda5639247f96140f9dabe3deed1


WSTA: https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1

Project Development Donation wallet: http://bit.ly/stafund

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbeTntWwvPnxhHLyx29QqtA




STA: a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token which synergizes with a trustless & community driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.